Reading Update – Goal Attained!

In a previous post, I mentioned that I have been in this phase of reading all the books and neglecting my crafting. Well, the reading crazy has continued and I have actually surpassed my goal for the year!

Instead of allowing myself to call it quits since the the goal has been completed, I am going to modify the goal to 24 books this year. Totally doable considering there were some days I made it through 2 whole books a day. Eek!

Below is the running list of books for this year:

* These books I have previously read and thus am not counting them towards my goal of having read 12 books this year.


2 thoughts on “Reading Update – Goal Attained!

  1. Wow, I’m honored to see all three of my books included in your list! By the way, I’m a knitter too. I’m currently knitting myself a tank top in a gorgeous cotton/cashmere blend, but I’m going to have to interrupt myself to get some baby clothes done as my nieces have begun producing our family’s next generation.


    • Oh, I couldn’t put your books down! I read Eternal Deception and The Shadow Palace in a day. That is so awesome that you are a knitter too!


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