#StartingPointMKAL !SPOILERS!

Several weeks ago I decided to jump on the knitting bandwagon for a bit and participate in the Starting Point MKAL by Joji Locatelli.


Now I am obviously a bit (behind because of a certain shawl occupying my extra pair of US 6 tips) but am making fair progress.

For the MKAL I decided that it would be best to buy a Kit that was put together especially for this project. This was for a couple of reasons: 1. I don’t have much of a Fingering stash and 2. I am super indecisive about yarn colors going together. The kit I am using for the MKAL is from Asylum Fibers on the Madhouse base. Its the first time that I am using yarn from this indie dyer and man did I luck out! This yarn is a dream to work with and the colors are 100% me.


I am not going to go into detail about the pattern but I will say that it is a nice mix of mindless knitting and knitting that you may need to think on.

Below are pictures of my progress – this will be updated overtime as I complete each clue.

Clue 1 progress:

Clue 2 progress:


Clue 3 Progress:


Clue 4 Progress:


Clue 5 Progress:


Finished object:



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