Blogging Hiatus – But reading galore

Oops! – Over the last month I have really dropped the ball on the whole “regular blog post” thing. Life has been a little distracting (not in a depressing way though).

At the beginning of the year I told my self I was going to read a minimum of one book a month (so that I would have completed 12 by the end of the year). And until the last couple of weeks I have been terrible failing at this goal – as in I read ZERO times outside of work. However, over the  last two or so weeks I have been reading almost non-stop*.

*Which has affected knitting progress but whoop! I have slightly mastered knitting (garter stitch) and reading at the same time.

Now – before I give myself a bunch of credit towards this 12 book goal, a number of these books I had read before, albeit 4-5 years ago. Only about 5 of the books count towards my goal for the year, which is still pretty good progress considering the slow (non existent) start I made back in January.

Generally, I tend to read historical fiction (with minimal romance) or a thriller/suspense book. Lately, I have been finding it harder and harder to find historical fiction that isn’t heavy on the romance.

Anyone have any book recommendations?!

Below is a list of the books I have been reading/re-reading lately:

If anyone wants more of a review on any of the books, let me know and I would be happy to share my thoughts!


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