Busy Season Blues/WIP Central

Well guys, tax busy season has hit (hence the lack of posts) and it has started to get me feeling very down and depressed. I know from experience that it is going to get worse before it bets better but there is a very dim light at the end of the tunnel, the deadline is approaching, and really the only thing getting me through the days are good friends and my WIPs (and there are a LOT of WIPs).

Shirsty Cat Vanilla Socks:


Pinnacles and Turrets MKAL Socks:


Agathis Hat:


Cozy Memory Blanket

Also not pictured is a scrappy crocheted blanket for my sister.

Unrelated to knitting, I do also have a WIP cross stitch that is now about 2 years in the making. I WILL finish this year, at some point ha, and I have also been making progress keeper and stitch marker sets (all progress keepers pictured above and below are my own).

There are a few other projects that I would like to get started on, or am excited to start but first, let’s make it through the week and finish up some of these WIPs!



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