Heels… Why must they be so hard?!

As it stands I am working on my 5th pair of sock ever and I have done so many different types of heels. I have also tried knitting them cuff down and toe up to see which is better for me.

Heel Flap and Gusset: This type of heel seems to fit my foot well but I HATE knitting them this way.

Short Row Heel (done toe up with wraps): I like the concept of the short row heel but for me without some sort of modification, the short row heel is just too shallow for my foot. This is likely the case for most.

German Short Row Heel with MHFA: [The Mini Heel Flap Adjustment (MHFA) is a modification that is designed by Mina Philipp that is part of the Vanilla Socks Recipe paid for pattern.] This heel is so much closer to being perfect. However, I am still seeing some holes in the seems of the short rows. But the MHFA is a godsend.


Fish Lips Kiss HeelThe heel that everyone raves about. I do like that seems in the short rows are tighter and don’t have any gaps. However, I still feel like that without a modification that the heel is a little shallow for me.

Finding the right heel formula for yourself is very important. I think I may have figured out the right formula for me, however it will have to be beta tested on the next pair of socks. My game plan for the next pair is a vanilla sock, cuff down, using the MHFA with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. We will see how that one works out.


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