Knit While I Watch(/Listen)…

Over the past couple of months I have really gotten into listening/watching podcasts while crafting, or really just in general. I tend to listen to a mixture of comedy, true crime and crafting/knitting podcasts. There are so many podcasts out there that I find it hard to find the ones that I truly enjoy listening to and I know that I am not the only one with this problem. So I thought I would take the time to list out some of my favorites for y’all (this is by no means a comprehensive list of podcasts that I watch/listen to):

Podcasts that I anxiously await for new episodes:

Other honorable mentions:

  • Hey Sister Podcast
  • The Girls in the Yarn Cafe
  • Stranglers – this podcast walks through the crimes of the Boston Strangler and details the suspects, trials, Hollywood fame, etc.
  • Martinis & Murder – this is a new podcast that I came across and is similar to My Favorite Murder but they drink while they talk and they talk extensively (obviously do lots of research) about a murder
  • The Reset Girl: Late Night Crafty Club – Cory, the Reset Girl is great for all planner and sticker inspirations but I love the Late Night Crafty Club videos where it is just a night of crafty chit-chat with a friend.

*Note that all of the Knitting podcasts follow the same general set up – I just really enjoy the personalities of the person and content included in the knitting podcasts above.

What are your favorite podcasts? 🙂


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